What is Brilliant-Minds

Here you have the gift of meeting and exchanging ideas about your business with other Diverse-Preneurs. Everyone is willing to share resources and tools to get your business off the ground.

The best part of brainstorming with Diverse-Preneurs, is that you can get a different perspective that gives you an edge when penetrating your chosen market.

You get to collaborate with; Brilliant Minds who are in similar spiritual path as you… Individuals who are authentic and inspired to shine their bright light in the world by the way they serve.

Brilliant-Minds Group Coaching, also provides you with tools and strategies that are specific to your challenge as we work together as One-Mind to come up with solutions to your projects.

The true commodity of brainstorming with Brilliant-Minds, is that you can be vulnerable and feel free to share your ideas knowing that the integrity in the group is solid. It is shown not by what we say but what we do… Support, support, support — by keeping you accountable until you reach your soul’s desire; your vision to serve and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Brilliant-Minds consist of four individuals, this assures you get the best of the best. You are matched with individuals who have projects very different from yours. This helps the integrity of the group and allows everyone to add value from a neutral place of greater good for all.

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