I first met Ellen at the Pocono Chapter Toastmasters club when she was just beginning to develop her public speaking skills. She has since overcome the fear most of us have of public speaking and has become a poised and inspiring keynote speaker.   Her passion is helping people struggling with life — awaken to the revelation that they have all the answers and solutions within but are blocking… not letting them flow through to the surface. In a very nurturing manner Ellen has coached me through a few recent difficult and trying issues for which I am so grateful.  Thank You Ellen!

Bruce Spencer, DTM; Network Marketing professional

Ellen Suazo is an excellent coach, her deep and detailed knowledge and devotion to her clients sets her apart from the others. As a marketing & wealth coach myself, I use Ellen as well to enhance my services. She has a unique gift in assisting you with gaining more wealth in all areas of your life by her step by step program that works simply but powerfully with your mindset and actions. Thank you Ellen, you are a true asset to my business!

Debra Larson, Divine Leader of Transformation Debralarson.com

I’ve been to hell and had no choice but to turn to God. He led me to a very inspiring woman. Thank you God for using her to guide me to inner peace. The tools I have learned from her; I shall never forget and I shall acquire more as I proceed with this journey of life. Ellen is an awesome coach and an inspiration to us all! I cannot thank you enough…thank you for always being there! It’s an honor to know you!!

Tara Burrell

“Working with Ellen was a wonderful experience and I look forward to working with her again. Opening me up to a perception of myself, in a non judgemental way, loving and positive. I’m not saying I don’t back slide, but being around this energy makes you want to go forward and although what you need to do is easy, it’s not simple. I felt empowered after working with Ellen. I felt like I weeded the garden and fertilized my life. By far the easiest person for me to be open with because of the safe space created by her. I can honestly say that I haven’t met another I felt as comfortable working with”

Sharon Corey