What is Wholistic Coaching?

This unique process supports Individuals & Diverse-Prenuers (small business owners) to Find the Answers Within, to their personal and professional challenges. We use proven Spiritual & scientific laws that align emotions (soul), mind & body to create the desired life-style.

Who is Wholistic Coaching for?

You are an individual or an entrepreneur. One, who is seeking support in finding answers to your most intimate and inner quest of showing up authentically through the work that you do or are inspired to do.

How is Wholistic Coaching different from Life Coaching?

Ellen uses a five-step process that allows you to integrate the life transforming tools to your daily life starting from day one. This powerful process reveals with ease and grace what must be done in order to unroot non-supporting beliefs; As well as, ingrained habits that are hindering your spiritual, emotional, financial & personal growth which affects every area of your life, including business relationships. In conclusion, Ellen focus on deep listening, reflecting at you… Your blind spots, which helps you to unveil the deepest yearned answers to your problems.


Wholistic Coaching is not?

A Wholistic coach is not a therapist who focus on studying or analyzing into emotional resolutions of past traumas. Neither does it follow an industry protocol in order to move forward into the unveiling of your desired life-style.

A Wholistic coach supports & inspires his/her client by keeping you accountable in every life endeavor (goals) that you are longing to adjust and thrive.

Who else can Benefit from Wholistic Coaching?

You click on this page and you are currently reading this… You are not achieving the success you know you are capable of having — Or; You’re an accomplished, creative, conscious individual that has spent years working on your personal and spiritual growth. Yet, you are still experiencing so much pain & confusion; What your sense of your ideal life is and your ability to manifest it. Despite your best efforts & practices, you’re not embodying your most authentic, radiant and conscious self. The relationships in your life are not supporting you in the ways that you need to flourish and thrive.

You are feeling stressed, burned out and in transition challenged by one or more relationships. You are ready to explore what your true inner calling is and what might be preventing you to live life fully. I invite you to contact me for a waived fee session, to explore and co-create your unique authentic life.

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